Saturday, March 25, 2006

Why Blogs Will Conquer the World

Shel Israel, writing about why blogs will eventaully win out over newspapers, said:
“Let me back up for a second. The problem with your daily newspaper is not the organization, but love of the paper product. In the Information Age, the newspaper has become a cumbersome and inefficient distribution mechanism. If yo want fast delivery of news, paper is a stage coach competing with jet planes.

“Newspaper executives seem to disdain us bloggers as unruly, inaccurate and unprofessional. Some of us are. Most are not. But we have feet on the street. Every street. All over the place and our numbers are getting bigger.”

How true this is. But I’m too tired to write about it tonight. Just go and read his post and you’ll see why blogs are a large part of the Internet’s future.

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